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When I was little someone, I think maybe my dad, taught me the @ symbol.  This was before the internet so it was an obscure bit of stenography at best.  I remember carefully tracing it, working out how to make the swirly bit not cross over the a.  There’s still something delicious about hand-writing @ – how swirly and smooth it is, how loopy and fancy.

aesthetic snafu handwritten

I wrote this

I love writing by hand particularly when it involves fancy pens.  I particularly like the Bic four-color fine-point pen (with the orange barrel) which I’ve only found for sale in one store in Chicago – the bookstore at the U of C’s downtown business school.  It got to the point where they knew what I wanted by sight, possibly because I’m the only person who ever bought the stupid things.  When I was in San Fransisco, I got a make-your-own three-color pen.  I was so excited that I may have scared the other shoppers, but I now own a teal/purple/melon combo.  (my inner pen lover is clearly also a eight-year-old girl).

As you can see, I have kinda awful, fakey-fancy handwriting.  (the digitizing was done by my friend Clea who is the most amazing and helpful artist ever).  I also like to write in tiny little caps.  I think that’s part of the fun of handwriting; it says more about how I’m thinking than any random typing could and can tell me how I’m thinking better than I can.

Hopefully this will be the last memorial for a while….

My friend Charlotte’s mom, Lynne, was the most amazing artist.  There wasn’t a single art or craft that she couldn’t do and do well.  She was the kind of person who would wake up one day and decide to suddenly start making stained glass windows.  (my mom is a little bit like that too, although unlike Lynne, she has an Achille’s heel – origami of all things).

I ended up with some of Lynne’s fabric and a feeling that I should do something. When I heard that Charlotte was expecting, I decided to make a baby blanket.  I am not a quilter nor the sort of artist that moms seem to be, but I managed.

Almost all of the non-dino fabric is from Lynne’s collection; dinosaurs are the baby theme.  The amazing stripy fossil fabric is from our friend Miranda – I love her because she’s the kind of person who, when you tell her you’re making a dino quilt, immediately proffers dino fabric.

Memorial baby quilt with dinos!