picture of guidebooks for epic road tripEpic Road Trip.

8 Days.

Chicago to Tucson

via St. Louis, Oklahoma City, Amarillo, Santa Fe, and the Petrified Forest.

With my high school best friend, Tory, who specializes in driving across the country for practical purposes. Her job? To drive and make sure we don’t get lost or die of dysentery. My job? To make sure we don’t miss a bit of Route 66 or other wackiness along the way.

To say that I am ridiculously excited is an understatement.

I’ve never been on a road trip longer then two days; never been on a trip where the drive was more important then the destination.

It’s almost my dissertation and defense in finding unusual things to do.

I had quite a bit of practice last week. My in-laws were in town so I made a Pilsen mural walking tour for them, then we all drove up to Detroit, and I could cross a few lingering things off my to-see list: Hamatrack Disneyland, the mold-a-ramas at the Henry Ford Museum and in Ann Arbor, a few of the fairy doors and the Liberty Street Robot Store

Photos from Michigan Road Trip April 2015

(incidentally, all of them are worth it!)

I’m still firming up our trip list, but once I’ve got it down and binderized (yes, I’m making a binder because, well, dork), I’ll update again. I’m hoping to blog about each day as we go along – if we have wifi – to challenge my boundaries, but we’ll see how well that goes.

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