Beautiful Mix-up

An aesthetic snafu is a sign from the universe.  Something unexpected, unplanned, perhaps a mistake or mix-up but something disruptive that’s also beautiful.  A message to change your thinking, sometimes quite literally.  The original aesthetic snafu story goes something like this….

I was in Mexico in March.  It’s bright and sunny, too bright and sunny and I’m sweating…in March.  I finish up my cold, crisp Mexican Coke, sugar and in a bottle like it should be, and go to head back over the boarder.  Only one obstacle stands in my way – not customs or emigrations, but the world’s longest train.  It started 15 minutes earlier and shows no sign of stopping.  And then I see

 and I realize that the train is going to win and that I should just go and get another Coke, which I do and it’s even more delicious than the first, joining me in sweating…in March.

Note: It must have really been a beautiful mixup – it took until now, despite having this picture above my desk for several years, to realize that it’s more likely to be ascetic than aesthetic.  Oops!

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