Who Owns the Story? Update

A great “field” example of my previous post just popped up.  It’s based on another divorce – this of the couple behind Apartment Therapy and shows the variety of reactions that readers can have to news about someone they don’t (technically) know but are invested in.  Again, there was a lot of sadness and “I knew its” but there was also the idea that we the readers have certain rights because we read:

Rocza summed it up most succinctly  “When you give your privacy up in exchange for money, on the premise that the exchange allows people in to your life, you don’t get to suddenly say “thanks for all the money and we’re going to lock you out now.” That simply is not how commerce works.”

The question is, of course, why?  Why don’t bloggers get to control what they sell and what they don’t?  I’m not sure – there definately is a feeling of ownership and being owed based on emotional investment.  There also seems to be a strong streak of schadenfreude.  What do you think?  Do you feel like you’re owed something by the people you read?  Why?

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