Educationally Greedy

I’ve always loved the back-to-school season.  Freshly sharpened pencils, un-bent notebooks, and the like. But what I’ve loved the most is the excitement of new classes.  Even in high school I would pore over the class catalog, despite that I didn’t have many options. Anything odd, though, I fit in – Latin, grammar class with diagramming sentences, independent study AP art.

College was a smorgasbord of choices.  I ended up as a Women and Gender studies major simply because it allowed me to take the widest range of classes.  I did the basics – stats, data analysis, introduction to sociology, psychology, and art history – but I never could turn down a class on dress theory or poison cults.  Looking back, I can’t imagine how lucky I was, that I had the opportunity to learn so much on so many things.

One of my few regrets in not continuing on to my PhD was that excitement of regularly picking and learning ended.  Enter Coursera.  I can sign up for anything?  And as much as I want?  As you can imagine, I’ve enrolled in nearly everything.  To do all of the classes I would have to pull constant all-nighters and stop working, talking to my husband, bathing.  I know I’ll have to evaluate and cut down, but the joy of “shopping” for education after so many years wasn’t something I could say no to.  I’m even excited about doing intro to stats again.

If you could take a class in anything, what would it be?  Why?

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