I’m a person who likes to be organized.  I know right now my mom is laughing at me – she’s convinced I’m the messiest person in the world.  She’s a neat freak.  I didn’t know how to use a mop until college because in our house floors were ALWAYS cleaned on our hands and knees.  Also I once had the below conversation with my (beloved and adored) ex-roommate.

Phone rings

Mir: Guess how many gallons of milk I just found in my apartment!

Me:  (really do not want to know).  How many?

Mir: 3!

Me: Can you even fit one gallon into your tiny fridge?

Mir: Yes if I wedge it in and there’s nothing else in there.

Me: Uhh, where were the others????!?!?!?

Anyhow, I never lose whole gallons of milk in my house so clearly I’m not the messiest person ever. But sometimes I do lose things, things I want.  Currently, my 3-hole punch.  A 3-hole punch is one of those things that very few people own or want and don’t usually understand why I own it.  I don’t use it very often, that’s true, but it’s key to some of my fielding.  I haven’t used it since June, but I want it and need it now and I just can’t find it.

The missing 3-hole punch is not the only thing on my mind.  I have this fielding that is constantly changing and a different project, editing, a house-guest, holidays and laundry, homework for my HCI class, and a million and other tiny details.  My brain is anxious and all over the place and so am I.  Put a few things away, start some laundry, shred some papers, look under this thing, print some stuff, clean out this bag, start an unplanned blog post.

Running Squirrel

I call this behavior squirreling and while not meeting the exacting standards of GTD or Flylady, I think It’s important to do sometimes.  Let the brain and body run around, working through things in bursts and wearing themselves out.  I find it kicks up new ideas as well as taking care of those random things that never get done otherwise, i.e. paper shredding.

Still haven’t found the 3-hole punch though.


Photo from Telegraph

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