This happens when you are sleep-deprived and deadline-enhanced

This is one of those days when I ask myself, “who thought it was a good idea for me to be an expert on the labor market returns of the Chilean educational system?  I don’t even speak Spanish? Or econometrics?”

Spoiler alert! Consistent with the literature, youth orchestras in Curanilahue improve test scores on both the PSU AND the SIMCE(!!!!); the results are both significant and robust.  Who would have ever guessed?  Well, except, you know, the literature.  Lucky for us, and by us I mean academics and I guess me, the literature is nice and never says I told you so.    We should probably send a thank you note, maybe some flowers, or a man in a horse suit who dances and sings some sort of You’re a Good Neigh-bor song.

I am still the most sane person in this coffee shop.  Who thought that that was a good idea?

The woman next to me keeps saying “I don’t trust her.”  I am hoping very much that I am not that particular her, whoever she is.  She should distrust the men on the other side of me who are discussing card counting using their two coffee cups as some sort of very abstract demonstration tool.  Maybe she doesn’t gamble.  That would probably be best.  Maybe I shouldn’t procrastinate.  That too would probably be best.

A week ago you got links and social commentary.  Today, you get a goose. Please enjoy it responsibly.


Update: my client just gave me an extension. Thank god.  I can go back to deleting “Children’s and” in peace and not panic.


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