Why I shouldn’t be left home alone with the art supplies: an exercise in procrastination

This is what I did on Saturday afternoon instead of working:


In my defense, wrapping a birthday gift was on my list.  Wrapping, note, not art project extraordinaire.

I started with some comic book coloring pages downloaded from Dover, a really awful gift box, and some art goodies.


I decided to cover the box up with random stuff and then have epic superhero woman as a topper.


The edges looked really terrible as you can see, so I covered everything with as much washi tape as I could.  This was my first real project using washi, and I have to say that I loved it.  I think it really saved the project, don’t you?


Next was the top, which had its own logistical concerns.


Happily the birthday boy was very impressed.  Less happily is that this is so not the work on the ethics of photography online that I have been trying to finish up for a week.  It’s coming though, I promise (to myself)!

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