Filling In All the Little Boxes (except for this one)

At the beginning of the month I scrounged around and after weighing way too many options, I printed out two calenders – April & May – and Frankenstiened them together.  I’ve been filling up, not just the squares which are for the big picture, or my google calendar for the individual appointments, but my social axons.  I run from one thing to another and at the end of the day, I can’t even make sense of the plot of Hannibal while creating store maps.  The process of how they make whiskey is fighting for air space with different types of teacher selective sorting and they’re both losing to thinking about decorating my living room.

You see, at the end of that frakencal, so far in advance that it doesn’t even have its own box, is “9th Party” 9th party is a big house party, celebrating not only my birthday this year, but my big 3 0.


Last year for my birthday I worked despite blocking it off, last year my mom decided to call the day before, last year my friends forgot, last year my aunt sent me a letter about her hip replacement, last year… last year sucked.

This year, big house party!  And, for some reason, it has to be a big house party in a pinteresty, decory house.  Since none of my friends even have Pinterest, I’m not sure why I care, but I can’t get the decor out of my head.  I ordered swatches from Spoonflower for this project, bought a pile of plants, and have had serious conversations about our mantle. Said mantle:


I’m thinking another bottle or two for the right side, and then a terrarium, moving the photos entirely or…. something.  What do you think?

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