Wasn’t it August last week?

It feels like everyone’s a bit behind right now.  All my friends are scrambling around or looking at their to-do lists and sighing.  It’s like somehow we all lost two weeks or so in there and are headlong into the rush that is Autumn falling into the holiday season.

I don’t think I’m alone in this but when I’m behind I become  scatterbrained, running from one thing to another, never quite putting anything to bed.  This weekend I’m going to sprawl out on the floor with a handful of colorful pens, my notebook, and a big cup of coffee and plan.  It’s a little tricky; I book projects quickly so I’m never exactly sure when I’ll be in the field or not, so it’ll have to be the movable type of schedules.

I’m currently taking a UX class and my project is looking at how PhD students plan for the long term deadlines that can be years away.  I can see a little bit of that in myself and I selfishly hope there will be some insights in there for me too.

I’d love to hear how you plan. Paper? Digital?  Some sort of special ap or the world’s longest scroll of to-dos?

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