Very Particular Tastes

I have recently started listening to Pandora hoping to add to my weird music library of things I downloaded from Supernatural fanmixes, things that people sent me on mix cds when mix cds still existed, and things I bought cds of in high school when people still bought cds.

I carefully set up a few channels based on some of my very favorite songs and I learned two very important lessons:

1.  Never set up a station based on Jar of Clay’s Flood unless you’re REALLY Christian.  There is no option for this sounds really cool but I hate everything else they ever did.

2.  Everything else on my playlists are either things I currently own or that I used to own but lost in one of my many laptop switches.  I.e., I’ve already found and listened to all the music like the music I like.

Clearly I need to learn how to change my mind on Christian rock.  That or become a computer science genius to improve Pandora’s algorithm.

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