Pervasiveness of Performance for Lifestyle Bloggers

One of the main drivers behind the popularity of personal-style blogs (mommy, lifestyle, diy, etc, whatever, ad infinitum) is the glossy inspirational/aspirational pictures.  A few people have said that blogs have replaced magazines for them and it’s easy to see why.  Minus numerous typos,* the top personal blogs have the same if not higher quality.

This particularly struck me while I was perusing the most recent post in Rockstar Diaries/Love Taza.  A simple, casual after-lunch visit to the record score with family friends.  The first picture could almost be an old Life mag snap and the rest of it?  Well gorgeous.  Who wouldn’t want that to be their lives?

It may be their actual lives, something they would have done if they were just people “like us,” but it’s also a planned and produced photo shoot.  On of those friends, you know the lunch ones, is a professional photographer and it shows.  Note that this isn’t a one off.  Their lives, as documented in their blog, is all planned, polished, and promoted.

It’s also their actual lives.  It may be a performance but they don’t get to step out of the camera’s eye and go back to just being.  There’s constant, never-ending demand.  We, their readers, we want more.  We want a whole regular production schedule of the best, prettiest, nicest everyday.  The increased popularity of Instagram shows this insatiable hunger for more experiences, more pretties, more voyeurism until we end up saying ridiculous, stalkeresque things** or end up a puddle of self-doubt on the floor because we don’t and can’t ever live even a tiny bit like of that.  Or get angry or cynical, hence snark sites.

What’s it like to be that person with nearly your whole life opened up for scrutiny and consumption?  To either have to frame a day crashing on the couch or scrubbing the bathroom as more special/fun/beautiful/aspirational/cool/inspirational/touching/meaningful than any other scrub or crash or to be behind in production?  You’d probably wear perfect makeup while in labor too.***

*I notice them and wince every time.  Let’s blame it on all of my editing instead of me being a bitch.

** Recently noted using the case of ETST: mention of use of Instagram pictures to bribe potty training tots instead of the usual candy; that looking at pictures of the newest baby helped someone conceive; saying that she inspired wishes to start a family.

*** ETST again, sorry Kelly!  She does a truly amazingly styled labor and birth though

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